We are expanding, So we are recruiting Barbers!

Because You Deserve A Professional & Luxury Barbering Experience

Welcome to Maverick Barber Lounge Telscombe. This new location just off the Beautiful south coast road, has been meticulously designed to ensure a luxurious, yet creative atmosphere which provides relaxation and convenience amidst the chaos of modern life. Join us for a unique grooming experience with our dedicated Barber Stylists ready to design your next cut. Browse through our story, team and reviews below.

Coffee While Waiting

Waiting can become a little awkward but not here, we promise to greet you with a smile and a barista coffee or posh tea while we prep for your cut.

2 Central Court, Central Avenue
Telscombe Cliffs, BN10 7LU

Professional Barbers

We are all qualified, certified and insured but above all we are passionate about our art. Our team is dedicated to staying constant with new trends and techniques. Although we will always preserve the fundamental traditions of Barbering.

Clean And COVID Safe

We have implemented all of the Government’s 52 page Covid Safety Guidelines set out to keep you and our staff safe. For a full lowdown on what we are doing please see our Covid Guidelines Poster when you arrive

It’s Not Just Hair – It’s Important!

Welcome to Maverick Barber Co, we understand the importance of great Hair. It provides confidence, a stronger sense of identity and what’s more it’s unique to you. One of the first visual impressions we can make on the world around us, second to our body language and facial expressions. It shouldn’t be a chore, It’s a rare moment of self care as everyone deserves to be pampered from time to time.

In our barber lounge we create a positive relaxed atmosphere, serve great coffee, play diverse music, put the outside world to rights and most importantly, craft great cuts unique to your facial features, head shape and personality.


Over the years others have tried to pull our industry into a money-making quantity game. That’s not how we roll; it’s 2020-the days of 10min clipper cuts, leaving you looking the same as the other guy – are numbered. We are, bringing back true old school service, quality cuts, passion and a few good jokes back to the barbershop experience.


Our new Telscombe Cliffs Barber Lounge is situated in a quiet retail parade just outside Brighton. We are close to the cliffs/ beach and it provides us with ample free customer parking as well as a rare moment of calm in an otherwise chaotic world. By taking our location outside of the City Centre we can offer a quality service at a competitive price.


We’ll spend the time to craft your look. Our doors are open to everyone. Book a cut today!
We look forward to meeting you.

Maverick Barber Co.

What Our Clients Say

Brandon Moore



Today i went to Maverick Barbers and got the wash cut dry service and the quality was amazing i had Doe as my barber and ask for a skin fade and he delivered, not only did he give me what i wanted he discussed viable options and what my face shape is and what styles i can do. The vibe was incredible everyone was happy respectful and adhere to the covid guidelines, as a coffee connoisseur they made good coffee and i have now made Maverick Barber my go to barber shop from now on

Francis Daniel



First time to the Maverick Barber Lounge today!
What an experience!The guys there go beyond,they are very Covid-19 aware in terms of precautions,and the cleaning regime was exceptional between customers. For the first time ever in a barbers I had a proper ‘consultation’ prior to the cut ,(normally it’s a clipper cut of 2 different lengths),was a bit sceptical to begin with,but I took Doe’s advice and for the first time ever I have a cut with style,thank you Doe,(very interesting guy, had a really good conversation with him),get yourself down to the Maverick Barber Lounge and experience the great atmosphere,and the exceptional service for yourself.

Jade Kurti



So I just had to write a review for this place!! not only did I find them professional easy going and just generally really nice. I’ve never felt so comfortable getting my hair cut. Had a great conversation and some really good advice on the upkeep of my hair 🙂 It’s so clean inside and they have clearly taken every piece of advice given to them by the government !! They offer a bespoke service for both men and women & even the kids too I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get my hair cut. Offered a complementary coffee which just to add wasn’t a freeze dried Nescafé it was straight from the machine 🙂 so if you hate the mundane hair cuts normally on offer please go check this place out

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Book?
Yes please for your own safety and for the safety of others we have had to limit the number of people allowed on site at any time. Therefore there will be no waiting in our lounge.
Will You Ever Do Walk — Ins?

Alas my friends no, we love booking only as it allows us to plan resources/ tools for your visit. It allows you to have our attention fully and not be rushed by others waiting. Also we believe it saves you valuable time, rather than spending your day waiting for us. If possible we will always try to fit you in the same or next day but please try to book in advance we don’t want to let you down as we are popular boys and girls.

Someone once told me a scary statistic, if you calculated how many hours an average client has spent waiting at the barber between boy to man it would equate to roughly 2 weeks. Enough said get into booking you’ll love it. 

Do We All Have To Have Wash Cut & Dry?

Our standard appointment is a wash, cut and dry for hygiene and Covid safety reasons most of our services include a wash. We prefer working with freshly washed hair as it cuts better. Speak to your barber when you arrive if you don’t feel you need a hair wash.

I Don't Really Use The Internet At My Age, How Do I Book?
Don’t worry we all know the odd technophobe. You can still book just call us on 01273 582 611 and we can book it in for you.
Do You Take Cash And Or Card?
Yes we take both guys if you feel more comfortable with a card payment at the moment that’s fine we have contactless payment available on site. Please note thou if you wish to tip your barber we can only accept gratitude in cash on the day.
Do You Take Payment In Advance?

We take 50% up front as a booking fee to secure your slot. Please note it is non-refundable if you don’t show up on the day.
Although we give you the option to settle the balance before you arrive and many of our clients choose to, the balance is only payable at the end of your appointment.

What If I Need To Cancel Or Reschedule?

Things happen unexpectedly we know therefore we offer a full refund cancellation or a no questions asked reschedule up to 24hrs before your appointment. you can login and reschedule your own appointment. Although if you wish to talk to us just call the lounge on 01273 582 116.

Meet The Professionals


Director/ Barber

Maverick Barber Lounge is Doe’s latest creation. Already an award winning Musician and Stylist he has spent his working life in the performance and fashion industry. Originally training as a ladies hairdresser, in 2008 he made the change specialising in men’s hair. His passion and knowledge of fashion, art, music and hairdressing runs deep. Whilst respecting the importance of his turkish ancestors on the history of men’s grooming, His Maverick brand strives to bring the best of the classic British and Turkish Barbering experience together.

Senior Barber


New Talent Barber 

Lee has been many things in his 37 years on this earth. From a chef to a  detention custody officer. He’s worked in travel and been around all over the world to some of the most amazing destinations. But the one thing He kept coming back to is… hair!
Surrounded by it from an early age his auntie owned a salon, other members of his clan are hairdressers and barbers so it seemed inevitable he was going to join the hair industry eventually.
Now a graduate of the acclaimed London School of Barbering lee has found his happy place.
“I used to dabble in cutting friends hair based on the knowledge I had picked up but after leaving the travel industry I finally decided to pursue it full time and make the dream a reality. 18 months later here I am, fully qualified , scissors at the ready… so who’s next in my chair?”

Senior Barber


New Talent Barber… But our most Senior Salon Stylist!

After taking some time out to grow and nurture her beautiful family, Pip is stepping back behind the chair. She has spent the last few years in preparation for returning full time to Hair studying more as a mature student and developing her skill set. She originally had just a level 2 hairdressing qualification and has returned skilled up to level 3 hairdressing, level 4 hairdressing and salon management, completed a barbering level 2 and is currently studying to gain level 3 barbering. She has joined the Maverick team to bring you a mixture of colour services and Senior ladies stylist services whilst completing barber training with Doe. Upon completion, she will be spending half of the working week on the barbering side of the lounge and half with the Salon Co.

Graduate Barber & Senior Stylist

Join Us

Senior Barber

Are you a professional barber looking for your next opportunity to grow, develop and create a apparelled experience for your clients. Then get in touch with us via facebook @MaverickBarberCoJoinUs


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