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Booking System Upgrade

Our New System is Now Live!

Our Booking system will be down from 9am-12pm today 16/01/23. In order to meet our needs as we grow Maverick and to provide better client experience we are upgrading our Booking Software.


1- All existing bookings/ Future bookings and client data will be automatically transferred.

2- For GDPR reasons you will need to register as a new client using your current booking account email. This will ensure your information is transferred and matched to your new account.

3-if your using the APP, we will no longer be booking people on the “nearcut app” however we will still be visible on there but will no available.

4- we will have our own app on Android straight away and on the Apple App Store from February 5th 2023.

5- this is a must upgrade as we have exciting plans to offer even more to our community of clients in the future and this update will mean we have the technology ready in house.

Thank you for your understanding, we are available on 01273 582 116 or via email at [email protected] to answer any questions.

Look forward to hearing your feedback post the change.

A very happy new year to your all,

From Doe Director of Team Maverick Delta.

Our own “Maverick Delta” App.. coming soon