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Why join our team?

To choose to work with us is to realise Barbering is and can be way more than a short back and sides!

In most instances in our industry the plan is to chase more clients, for more money and hope to make what you would like out of it before arthritis, boredom or old age takes you away from it! right? 

Not here folks!It’s the modern world and the life of a Barber must grow and develop with the times.

Our Mission

There’s much more to a successful barbering career than increasing the number of cuts you do in a day Or how quickly you can do a skin fade. It’s to learn to and constantly make people smile, to build confidence and to contribute to an environment where clients feel safe/relaxed and recharged. It is really rewarding to contribute to an atmosphere where everyone staff/clients feel special, understood and loyal to something. 

We have a positive and artistic environment where your skills can progress and flourish through continued training and development. 

The Maverick Ethos

We believe it’s finally time you feel like a true craftsman delivering premium services, we don’t just focus on numbers we seek to push your creativity, professionalism and earning potential.

Practical staff training, Development & Support:

We encourage all team members to progress in life and career. There is no reason why your employer can’t be a part of that journey. We are a target driven industry however at Maverick Barber Co we reward progression with more than just a couple of extra pounds on your paycheck at the end of the month. We take time to understand what’s important to you, what your personal goals are and how we can support you with opportunity rewards. 

“Impossible” you say! “why would you do that?” I hear you say“

It is simple to us: we understand people, we know that a happy team driven by personal progress makes for the happiest environment for our team and clients. What’s more we know that happy people have made some of the world’s most successful start-ups.


We are a tribe and we all feel secure in the strength of our team revolutionising a gents Barbering experience. We are united in valuing creativity, craftsmanship, positive attitudes, Great Coffee and no crap honest Barbering. We know it works, clients appreciate it, have become our super fans and really value us. We are growing that’s why we are looking for more like minded people to join us as we expand.

There are many opportunities to develop whether you’re looking to sharpen certain industry skills in cut and shave, develop management or media skills. There are plenty of staff training evenings throughout the year, including guest experts, team away days and fast paced weekly personal development meetings for each staff member to help you get the best out of your time with us.

SALARY OFFERED: 19k-28K depending on experience 

If you’re ready to work in an environment like this then reach out to us by applying below and live a little MAVERICK!

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